Buttercream, Roses and Maria

My love for buttercream began many years ago, long before I become a Wilton Method Instructor. It started with Maria. I was looking, really more like desperately searching for something to fill my time.  My one and only son had enlisted in the USMC and was off to boot camp. I spent my time taking care of him up to now and now what...

One afternoon, instead of going straight home after work, I decided to stop at my local Michael's store. I was not looking for anything in particular, just looking to kill time. As I entered the store,  I noticed a group of people gathered around a small table. Standing behind the table was a lady holding a cupcake. My interest was piqued as I have always been fond of cupcakes. Anyway, the lady, who I would later know and admire, was Maria.  Maria was the Wilton Method Cake Decorator and was demonstrating the art, yes I said art of decorating with buttercream. While Maria was explaining in great detail about the piping tip, angle of bag, blah, blah, the only thing I was aware was she was creating a beautiful red roses made for buttercream right before my eyes. How did she do that- is this something I could do - I was hooked - where do I sign up? 


I signed up and took every class. Maria was very kind and a very patient teacher and a genuinely nice person. After the other students left, Maria would stay with me -  patiently watching me make butercream roses. "Breathe," she would say as I held my breath while piping each petal. "Relax, it's your rose." It's funny, today when teaching I tell my students the same. Maria taught me patience and understanding and it really is "your rose."  It was Maria who encouraged me to become a Wilton Method Instructor and my heart thanks her before every class.  I don't know where Maria is today or if she is still teaching, but I hope so.  I hope she is still stands behind a small table demonstrating the art of making beautiful buttercream roses inspiring others to take her class and changing the lives of people who were just looking to kill time.


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