Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat means Chocolate Bread. Yes, Chocolate Bread! This Pain au Chocolat is made with Quick Puff and pain au chocolate sticks also called chocolate batons. You can order them from  King Arthur Flour.  The recipe for Quick Puff was taught  in an online by Gesine-Bullock Prado at Craftsy.

The quick puff or rough puff is easy to make and comes together quickly. The recipe makes about 5 pounds and can be frozen for future use. Just let the dough thaw in the refrigerator before attempting to work it.

Quick puff can be used for pie dough, sweet treats or savory snacks. I also made mini croissants and dusted them with non-melting sugar, also from King Arthur Flour - I just love King Arthur Flour.

img_1688 If you have ever wanted to make puff pastry but thought it too difficult, try Quick Puff. Once you see have easy it is, how many uses there are for this flaky dough and taste the wonderful the buttery goodness you will agree it is worth the time. Next, I will move on the traditional Puff Pastry and you can too.

Remember it's all about the Love of Baking!  Terri

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