For the Love of Baking

Hello! I am Terri and I just love baking... As a young girl, I was fascinated by the beautiful towering cakes made by my Great-aunt. It was like watching a magician as she pulled pans filled with dark delicious cake from the oven. She then would crack eggs and pour sugar and whip up the most beautiful white frosting that would be thinly spread upon perfectly divided chocolate layers of deliciousness. I was in Love! I spent hours going through my mother's Southern Living Magazines only stopping to closely examine any articles about baking. I tore off every cover that had a showstopper creation gracing the cover.

Today, I watch the Great American Baking Show and the Great British Baking Show with great admiration for those who make the cut and for Mary Berry and "no soggy bottoms". I now have my own subscription to Southern Living.

With this blog nearly set up- I will start on my baking challenges. There will be pictures!

Happy Baking in the New Year!